Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Steps to Using the Proove.it

Step #1: Find yourself in a situation where you need to prove or share something:

Exhibit A: This guy needs to proove something.

Step #2: Visit http://proove.it:

Exhibit B: This is the proove.it website. Funky, eh?

Step #3: Click to add evidence and select your photo(s):

Exhibit C: Ah! There're the goods!

Step #4: Wait and watch while your images are uploaded:

Exhibit 5: Now that was quick! Like magic almost!

Step #5: Hit the green button and get your link:

Exhibit 6: TIP: If you ever want this sharing box to pop up again just add "#share" to your link.

Step #6: Share your link:

Exhibit F: Prooven.

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