Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Prooven Uses of the

So we understand that we can't be out to proove something all the time, but is more than that. is the cherry on top of the sundae of life--it's here for fun. To help kick start your imaginative juices, we have compiled a short list of different ways you can use the

You can use the for displaying before and after shots

You can use the to show off an accomplishment

You can use the to tell your favorite story

You can use the to ask someone on a date (we hear this works well actually)

You can even use the to show off some really random photos that you took just because you were bored on a Saturday afternoon

So, really, you can choose to proove what ever you want to. Don't wait for some one to call you a liar, take the initiative and stand to proove something today! *pounds fist on table*


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