Thursday, February 17, 2011

Why Use

So a few people have asked why they should use the instead of other services like Facebook or Picasa. was not designed to replace services like this--they do a great job hosting image galleries and you should definitely continue to use them. was designed for:
  1. Fast Image Posting: does not require you to sign up for anything or even put in a name or email address
  2. Non-Committal Image Posting: Since there are no accounts associated with, you don't have to take any actions after your are finished sharing the images
  3. Multi-Social Network Image Posting: When you post your images on you get a special short link that you can post anywhere you please (e.g. social sites, blogs, emails, billboards, IRC sessions, etc.)
  4. Simple Image Posting: Posting images to can be done two ways, A) you can visit and upload images or B) you can send an email with up to four images to There are no special apps needed (though some are on their way).
  5. More Than Just Image Posting: In the near future, plans to allow its users to include URLs and videos into their pages. By doing so, users will be allowed to create little packages of information that they can share across their social spheres never intended to replace or compete with social networks or image gallery sites.'s goal is to provide really simple, non-committal image sharing to people with something to prove.

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